Tuesday 19 August 2008

The greatest invention since the internet

Yesterday when i was on a lipstick buying adventure with Lillian i discovered the greatest invention since the internet. There we were in the very cramped make-up aisle of Boots on Grafton St trying on various shades when i decide to slap on a bit of red lip gloss. Nice fire engine red colour, nothing remarkable really. That is, of course until i try to get the bloody stuff off. Which, it turned out was pretty much impossible. Im not exagerating here, this stuff does not come off. I couldn't believe my luck. I marched right up to the till and paid the €11.99. Felt a bit silly on the bus on the way home with my bright red lips but also delighted about my discovery.
It's Maybelline Superstay and it's my new best friend.

1 comment:

Charline Lecarpentier said...

i still need to try that one, but what if i never can take it of my lips? i don't want to be buried with pink lips nono
i'm sure fashion is gonna be green lips in 2056 (yes, thats gonna be the year)