Thursday 21 February 2008


The Deerhunter gig a while back was excellent for many reasons one of which was YACHT. The place was a tad sparse, in fact it's one the few times I could get myself out of my house early enough to see the support but I know Jona Bechtolt was gonna be aces and I was right. This man can dance like no other. When you're up there with just a laptop and a mic you really have to put a bit more effort into your performance to keep people interested wha?About mid way through there was a question and answer section thats when we got to know the real Jona, turned out his cat had died earlier in the day and YACHT stands for Youth Against Computer H(can't remember what the H stands for) Technology. I have to admit I forgot about YACHT after the gig (really it was all about deerhunter) but a few weeks ago I got a lovely internet connection and downloaded one of his albums MEGA (its alright he's cool about you downloading his music in fact over on the website you can download an instrumental version of his latest album). I was really surprised by MEGA its a really good electro pop album, which was not what I expected after seeing him live, thought he was a bit more gimmicky.The track Night Terrors even reminds my a bit of Venetian Snares.
This first mp3 is an Architecture in Helsinki remix of his song 'see a penny pick it up', from I Believe In You Your Magic Is Real.
This next mp3 is one of my favourites off MEGA, Dans Danmark.

Jonas is in another band called The Blow with Khaele Maricich she provides vocals and he brings the beats (to be honest they're the best bit).
This is Paranthesis from their album Paper Television, think it was released in 2006

Tuesday 19 February 2008

I heart drunken e-mails to bands

(And apparently like recieving them cos sometimes they reply.)

The MMK Parisian correspondant recently went to see Simian Mobile Disco and The Whip play. She seems to have been quite impressed. (The review will be up shortly, I'm sure.) But it reminded me that I still have not seen SMD play live since they opened Glastobury 2007 with one of the worst sets I have ever heard. They played on Thursday at midnight. And it was so terrible that I was compelled to post a negative comment on their myspace (hit them where it hurts, obviously). This was done a whole five days later when I finally returned to Dublin, hungover and still smelly. As I'm sure most of you know, you can chose to pre-read all comments you recieve and decide wheter you want them on your profile page. SMD rejected my comment. The ultimate burn.

They did however reply a few days later by e-mail with some kind of explanation. I have forgiven them. Not so much because it seems like a valid excuse. But more so cos I was excited to get an e-mail from a famous person. (Sad, I know.)

Tuesday 12 February 2008

Je Veux Te Voir

Yelle is a French singer, who like so many people nowadays became famous by way of myspace. In the process causing a dancing sensation (I'm sure you'll agree thats the best sort). Our French friend Charlene tells people are dancing like that there video all over the shop, on busses walking down the street and even in clubs mad yokes. Actually I challenge Catherine, our French correspondent to get some entertaining video of her or others dancing in odd places. I'm also challenging myself to come up with an Irish equivalent.
Apparently this is the finalised version of a song called "Short Dick Cuizi", she's dissing Cuizinier a member of TTC, so maybe the dance is really the beginning of an elaborate dance off, we can only hope. I can't say I'm that mad about the song its very typical of whats been coming out of France for the last year or so, entertaining none the less.

Monday 11 February 2008

Even the hangman has friends


I found this lot on some blog or other a while back and had this song on repeat for days. However when I played it to a friend he just said it sounded like a Boots add, and I really can't disagree with him (well just the first few bars), he ruined my love of Fire on Fire. Then The Wire said they were cool so it was alright to like them again, (they have far superior taste than me, I have indeed been vindicated).
They used to be Cerberus Shoal but decided to ditch the electric instruments got a stand up bass, mandolin, banjo, harmonium, accordion, acoustic guitar, dobro and became Fire on Fire. They shack up together in a house in Maine and make lovely bluegrass songs. Their EP is only available on tour or over at The packaging is handmade printed on vellum and torn card stock and assembled by the band members themselves, I'll probably just have to go order a copy now. I think it also been streamed on the wire, office ambience #288.

The Wiggle Wiggle Song

A few years ago we went on an adventure up north to Iceland, we did the regular touristy things and had a deadly buzz. We also went to Damon Albarn's pub Kaffibarin where we met the first Indian person in Iceland, the Icelandic ballroom champion and Thor who it seems is in the running to represent Iceland at the next Eurovision, with the Wiggle Wiggle song. If Dustin doesn't make it for Ireland I think I'll be rooting for Iceland.

Wednesday 6 February 2008

We love Kitsuné

Kitsune Maison Tour, February 1st, Le Bataclan, Paris.
Oh my, what a treat! I found it easy to like Digitalism in the first place but seeing them live was bleedin deadly. Guns 'N Bombs, whose track Crossover Appeal appeared on the last compilation were also very deserving of their place on the line up.
Unfortunately, my camera doesn't fit in my new bag so i don't have any photos, i did however steal this poster. Lovely.
I havn't had a chance to listen to it yet but the 5th compilation can be found at Colette for €16 or online for a considerably lesser sum. I would be wary however as the tracklist is very last year. The tour continues this week in Toulouse, Lyon and Bordeaux. You can also be very excited about the new Kitsune Boutique in Paris that is due to open in March, I know i am!

MMK Correspondant in Paris.