Friday 29 August 2008

I said a hip, hop...

DEAF are not the only ones coming up trumps this year with a stellar festival line up.
Dublin's Fringe Festival is looking pretty good too. Most notable for me are hip-hop's pioneers Sugarhill Gang playing The Spiegeltent on September 14th.
I'm excited even though I only really know that one song, it is a pretty great song though. Fingers crossed they play it...

You know the one I’m talking about…..

Another one for the moleskine is September 20th, Brighton's Fujiya and Miyagi also play The Spiegeltent. Its advertised as "An Evening with Fujiya and Miyagi" and the Fringe website tells me "this infectious Brighton electronic dance trio curate their own unique party night " I’m yet to understand whether the evening will involve a live set from the band themselves or not….

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Cheater Cheater!

I love designer rip-offs and the great sense of satisfaction they leave me with. Im very fickle so i know that if i actually went and spent €300 or so on a pair of shoes, id probably be sick of them in about a month, or id of gone and absoluetly wrecked them. So today when i was on an emergency tights-buying trip to Marks and Sparks i spotted these lovely Miu Miu wannabes. Not only are they a great mix of pastel shades but they were also only €10.50, down from €30. Super savings! Pity they're too small, but then again, most of my shoes are too small. Not that i have big feet, but when i see a pair of shoes i like im not going to let the fact thay they don't fit me properly get in my way. I can't wait to wear them with my H&M Prada rip-off socks.

Monday 25 August 2008

See the Country

If like myself, you're from Dublin, you may not have really seen that much of the rest of the country. So what's a better excuse to go travelling with your mates than a free gig? Heineken Green Spheres is back with Crystal Castles playing down in Galway on September 30th. Free beer, free gig, alright band=deadly buzz! MMK have been to see Super Furry Animals in Kilkenny and CSS in Cork. Great memories of travelling on smelly buses off on an adventure down the country.

Most great things are called the Wire

There's the telly show, the magazine and the band.
David Simon writer of the Wire (on the telly) is giving a talk in the IFI on the 19th of September after a special screening of the end of either the 4th or 5th series I can't remember which one, watch both of them anyway.



The line ups been announced and it looks very exciting particularly Trans Am, BBC Radiophonic
Workshop and Laurent Garnier. More info here

Go Away Gregg


Its been a while now since Girl Talk gave us his album for whatever price we were willing to pay (I payed nothing and damn am I glad), but since I got lazy with this one and just listened to it the other day. I was bored and I don't think thats what Gregg Gillis was after when he was spending his afternoons on the auld laptop. Bout 15 minutes into the album I realised I was bored cos he was using the same samples I use when I dj, sure he splices them up and plays ten of em at the same time but they're most certainly the same songs. Now I feel rather shit and predictable so I've set myself a challenge to make a bnew best mix ever of songs never before used by myself or Girl TalK. I'll post it here when I'm done although that may take some time as I'm extremely lazy and all the energy I can muster up is currently being taken up by painting.

Tuesday 19 August 2008

The greatest invention since the internet

Yesterday when i was on a lipstick buying adventure with Lillian i discovered the greatest invention since the internet. There we were in the very cramped make-up aisle of Boots on Grafton St trying on various shades when i decide to slap on a bit of red lip gloss. Nice fire engine red colour, nothing remarkable really. That is, of course until i try to get the bloody stuff off. Which, it turned out was pretty much impossible. Im not exagerating here, this stuff does not come off. I couldn't believe my luck. I marched right up to the till and paid the €11.99. Felt a bit silly on the bus on the way home with my bright red lips but also delighted about my discovery.
It's Maybelline Superstay and it's my new best friend.

Talking about being productive

So, again it's been a while since we've put anything up. I was just talking this evening about how great it is that we're all so productive when in fact, i havn't done anything productive in quite a while.

Ill start with the car boot sale. Bleedin deadly time was had by all. Sun was shining all day, couldn't have been luckier with the weather. We even managed to make a bit of money, which was a very pleasant surprise for Saoirse and myself. There were loads of bargains to be had-i picked up an amazing vintage vanity case for a mere €3 and a lovely set of tea cups for just €2. Brillers. Of course Dublin Streets were there taking photies so you can head over there for a bit of a look;
They even hosted a prom later on in the evening. God bless the bodytonic lads.
No idea when the next one is but we'll keep you posted.