Monday 25 August 2008

Go Away Gregg


Its been a while now since Girl Talk gave us his album for whatever price we were willing to pay (I payed nothing and damn am I glad), but since I got lazy with this one and just listened to it the other day. I was bored and I don't think thats what Gregg Gillis was after when he was spending his afternoons on the auld laptop. Bout 15 minutes into the album I realised I was bored cos he was using the same samples I use when I dj, sure he splices them up and plays ten of em at the same time but they're most certainly the same songs. Now I feel rather shit and predictable so I've set myself a challenge to make a bnew best mix ever of songs never before used by myself or Girl TalK. I'll post it here when I'm done although that may take some time as I'm extremely lazy and all the energy I can muster up is currently being taken up by painting.

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Philip Kennedy said...

I too may be working on a mix me thinks... I found the latest effort from Girl Talk pretty identical from previous efforts and am glad i paid naught, it's grand and he's good at what he does. Though I'm excited to hear this hotly dubbed 'I'm better then Girl Talk' Mix of yours.

P.S: Good work on the blog, I'm loving the recent posting, in fact I may blog about you on my blog. Hope that's cool, i dunno much about this modern blog etiquette.