Tuesday 20 May 2008


Ignore that last post, they did play. At about 12 0'clock yesterday it was announced that the gig was cancelled, apparently they had missed the ferry and it was all off. Understandably everyone was fairly pissed off and remained that way for the rest of the day, especially me who had to feck off into work at five. I checked my phone at around eight to find I had 9 missed calls and a fair few messages, word on the street was that it was back on in Whelan's at half ten. That last hour of work was utterly shambolic, I was too confused/ excited/ anxious to work. Legged it down to Whelan's to see what the story was and bought as many tickets as I could. We were left standing around outside to Whelan's till half eleven. In we go and almost straight away Bradford Cox aka Atlas Sound started up, he was good but I think I'd prefer to listen to the record. Animal Collective were fantastic, they played a mix of new stuff as well as stuff from Sung Tongs, feels and Strawberry Jam although it was the new stuff that really stood out for me.

We felt a little like this after the gig.


From what I can gather their bus broke down on the way to the ferry so they missed it, they got the later ferry so they were coming to Dublin anyway but Tripod has an early curfew which meant that they definitely couldn't play the gig there. Being the entrepreneurial lot they are Foggy Notions saw the opportunity in the evening and put on the adhoc gig themselves. Fair play and many thanks.

Monday 19 May 2008

On the other hand

One band thats definitely not going to be getting that title is Animal Collective who just cancelled their show tonight,
why do they hate us?
why don't they just get a plane instead of the stupid boat they missed?
wheres the angry mob meeting?

It might be a little early to tell

but I'm gonna go ahead and say best gig of the year.

I got cooties

We love Scottish artists and Germlin is one of our favourites.

(If you're a laptop artist it helps to have four arms)

It all started when we couldn't get into A Gay Against You in gig a few years ago, the bouncer feared for our safety cos the band were going a little crazy. Naturally I became curious and investigated a little further. Germlin is one of the many projects this dude is involved in (Gay Against You being another). He's fairly prolific and at the minute were waiting for not one, not two but three albums of new material to be released. If a kid was having an epileptic fit while playing the Nintendo and the Sega Mega Drive and you could take that experience and make it into music it'd sound like Germlin.
This is one of his new tracks Thrash'r

Sunday 18 May 2008

We lost another one

Another of the Me and My Korg crew has fled these here green isles this time for Australia. Anna must have a sixth sense about emerging electro music hubs, cos without even realising it she decided to up and move to Melbourne, who has taken Paris' crown as centre of the world when it comes to all things trendy (yeah, this is extremely exagerated, but the Austarlia v. France music war still rages on). To celebrate her finally leaving I made this mix for her, mainly its Australian artists with a few tracks from bands that are playing in Dublin over the coming weeks.

Ere it is.

These people are on it

Van She are great and do some very good remixes.

Ladyhawke- is she their Uffie? (she really from New Zealand but lets not get too hung up on that)

Damn Arms- these guys look like fun, they party with Cut Copy.

This is the actual track list

White Williams New Violence
Bumblebeez (DJ Mehdi remix) Pump up the Bass
Animal Collective Water Curses
Muscle Ice Cream
Van She Something Good
Why? The Hollows
Menowah (1928 remix) Safemode
Ladyhawke Back of the Van
The Count and Sinden (ATrack remix) Beeper
Christopher Robin The Forest
Olivia Newton John Lets Get Physical#
Yeasayer 2080
Damn Arms The Progressive Punks