Thursday 21 February 2008


The Deerhunter gig a while back was excellent for many reasons one of which was YACHT. The place was a tad sparse, in fact it's one the few times I could get myself out of my house early enough to see the support but I know Jona Bechtolt was gonna be aces and I was right. This man can dance like no other. When you're up there with just a laptop and a mic you really have to put a bit more effort into your performance to keep people interested wha?About mid way through there was a question and answer section thats when we got to know the real Jona, turned out his cat had died earlier in the day and YACHT stands for Youth Against Computer H(can't remember what the H stands for) Technology. I have to admit I forgot about YACHT after the gig (really it was all about deerhunter) but a few weeks ago I got a lovely internet connection and downloaded one of his albums MEGA (its alright he's cool about you downloading his music in fact over on the website you can download an instrumental version of his latest album). I was really surprised by MEGA its a really good electro pop album, which was not what I expected after seeing him live, thought he was a bit more gimmicky.The track Night Terrors even reminds my a bit of Venetian Snares.
This first mp3 is an Architecture in Helsinki remix of his song 'see a penny pick it up', from I Believe In You Your Magic Is Real.
This next mp3 is one of my favourites off MEGA, Dans Danmark.

Jonas is in another band called The Blow with Khaele Maricich she provides vocals and he brings the beats (to be honest they're the best bit).
This is Paranthesis from their album Paper Television, think it was released in 2006

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