Monday 11 February 2008

Even the hangman has friends


I found this lot on some blog or other a while back and had this song on repeat for days. However when I played it to a friend he just said it sounded like a Boots add, and I really can't disagree with him (well just the first few bars), he ruined my love of Fire on Fire. Then The Wire said they were cool so it was alright to like them again, (they have far superior taste than me, I have indeed been vindicated).
They used to be Cerberus Shoal but decided to ditch the electric instruments got a stand up bass, mandolin, banjo, harmonium, accordion, acoustic guitar, dobro and became Fire on Fire. They shack up together in a house in Maine and make lovely bluegrass songs. Their EP is only available on tour or over at The packaging is handmade printed on vellum and torn card stock and assembled by the band members themselves, I'll probably just have to go order a copy now. I think it also been streamed on the wire, office ambience #288.

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