Wednesday 6 February 2008

We love Kitsuné

Kitsune Maison Tour, February 1st, Le Bataclan, Paris.
Oh my, what a treat! I found it easy to like Digitalism in the first place but seeing them live was bleedin deadly. Guns 'N Bombs, whose track Crossover Appeal appeared on the last compilation were also very deserving of their place on the line up.
Unfortunately, my camera doesn't fit in my new bag so i don't have any photos, i did however steal this poster. Lovely.
I havn't had a chance to listen to it yet but the 5th compilation can be found at Colette for €16 or online for a considerably lesser sum. I would be wary however as the tracklist is very last year. The tour continues this week in Toulouse, Lyon and Bordeaux. You can also be very excited about the new Kitsune Boutique in Paris that is due to open in March, I know i am!

MMK Correspondant in Paris.

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