Tuesday 12 February 2008

Je Veux Te Voir

Yelle is a French singer, who like so many people nowadays became famous by way of myspace. In the process causing a dancing sensation (I'm sure you'll agree thats the best sort). Our French friend Charlene tells people are dancing like that there video all over the shop, on busses walking down the street and even in clubs mad yokes. Actually I challenge Catherine, our French correspondent to get some entertaining video of her or others dancing in odd places. I'm also challenging myself to come up with an Irish equivalent.
Apparently this is the finalised version of a song called "Short Dick Cuizi", she's dissing Cuizinier a member of TTC, so maybe the dance is really the beginning of an elaborate dance off, we can only hope. I can't say I'm that mad about the song its very typical of whats been coming out of France for the last year or so, entertaining none the less.

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Dagless said...

They look like spas.