Monday 28 July 2008

Faitfully Sewing

I have no idea what this picture is supposed to mean . Maybe shes been sewing miniature doll costumes for her friend and is posting them to her for her birthday? That'd be nice. But why then would someone put this image on a metal sign? It's so ridiculous, but that's what makes it so bloody great!

We've spent the last while failtfully sewing ourselves to bring lots of deadly home made stuff to this Saturday's Toejam carboot sale down in the Bernard Shaw. Our speciality is canvas shoppers but we'll also be selling some very special items that we went all the way to Paris to get our hands on. What could they possibly be? Well you'll have to come down to find out!

Put it in your Moleskine; Bernard Shaw car park, Saturday August 2nd, 1pm-6pm.

And it's a bloody great excuse to get pissed in the middle of the day. Not that we really need an excuse.

1 comment:

Charline Lecarpentier said...

that sounds deadly deadly deadly, save a shopper for me please!!