Thursday 15 January 2009

And another one...

More bad news came today when we heard that Road Records will close it's doors for the last time in just a few weeks. It's been around since 1997 when we were only young and has played a very important part in our musical education.

This really is devastating news for the city and the music scene, and of course for Dave and Julie. You can read their little note over here on Thumped. I really hope that things turn out alright for these two. I know that especially our Lil, a dedicated and very generous customer will miss them dearly.

To anyone who still has a job and a bit of money, spend it wisely, or this wont be the last time we wish we'd gone to Road instead.

2009, although has only just begun, is for MMK, a complete write-off.


Philip Kennedy said...

I was in the store today.

Sorry to hear the bad news I said to Dave. He paused for a moment. Yeah, I know.

He seemed devistated.

I was heart-broken.