Friday 10 October 2008

Sexy Americans

Me & My Korg love AA. So much so that Anna is even doing her thesis on them. So when a friend told me that American Apparel will be opening their first shop here just before Christmas my initial reaction was pure excitement. When i was living in Paris i used to go into their stores to just walk around. I loved the impeccable organisation, colour co-ordination, typeface, and of course the ridiculously attractive staff. Then i started to think about it. Was it going to be like when the mainstream catches onto your new favourite band and just ruines them for you? No more, "oh i got it when i was in Stockholm/Paris/Berlin, im just sooo alt". I also wonder why they choose Grafton St, did nobody tell them that South William St is so hot right now?

But then i went on a little adventure down to the new store location at 114 Grafton St. It's all lovely red brick and black marble pillars. Just imagine the wonderfull Helvetica sign, all modern and gleaming against this traditional facade.

Then there is the advertising campaigns, and future calls to Joe Duffy about the "filth" that will be on billboards all over the city.

We made it. We live in a city that's finally cool enough to have an AA. Wow!


Anonymous said...

it's going to be so ludicrously expensive over here. i bought a pair of shorts for 32 dollahhh in aa in santa barbara and the euro price was 34 euro. i will try my very very very hardest not to set foot in 114 grafton street from the end of this year.

blogee said...

I admire your will power. I however, will make no attempt to avoid the place. I know we will be ripped off, but unfortunately that is the case in almost every shop in Dublin.